About Clear Choice Swim Spa Treatment


This natural, enzyme-based Bio-Oxidizer is all you need to maintain a healthy body of water in your Swim Spa. No harsh or toxic chemicals needed. This product also contains metal and mineral control agents which will protect Swim Spa components.

  • ​All Natural
  • Non-Toxic
  • Hypoallergenic

​An 8oz. bottle treats an average Swim Spa for one year. ​Ingredients derived from plants & minerals.

​Always store in a cool dark place away from kids and pets.

Only $59.95

A full year supply for an average size swim spa

Natural Spa – Healthy Alternatives

Elevate your well-being by embracing the natural essence of a swim spa experience. Just as you prioritize organic choices and nourishing meals for your family, extend your conscious lifestyle to your swim spa. Say goodbye to traditional swim spa chemicals and welcome a healthier alternative – a natural swim spa treatment. Our meticulously crafted product is specifically designed to provide a chemical-free solution, harnessing the power of enzymes to keep your swim spa water pristine, crystal-clear, and refreshingly pure. Immerse yourself in the natural wonders of this carefully formulated swim spa treatment, knowing that you are prioritizing your health and embracing the benefits of a truly natural approach.

Natural Spa Treatment – Easy to Use

Discover the ease and effectiveness of our natural swim spa treatment. Our products prioritize health, safety, and affordability. Bio-enzymatic cleaners excel as natural spa cleaners, offering superior performance. Compared to traditional swim spa chemicals, our Clear Choice spa treatment boasts significant cost savings and effortless usage. Unlike chlorine and bromine, which demand constant pH adjustments, enzymes require less monitoring and adjustment. Moreover, chlorine and bromine cleaners can be harsh on equipment and bathing suits. The overall benefits and cost savings are remarkable.
Experience the power of our unique natural swim spa treatment formula, which effectively eliminates oils, lotions, perspiration, and other contaminants that accumulate in your spa. Enjoy the luxury of clear, clean water, free from the undesirable odor and detrimental effects of chemicals.

Natural Spa Products – Chemical Free!

Discover the beauty of our chemical-free natural spa products. Say goodbye to chlorine and embrace a healthier alternative. No more inhaling noxious chemical fumes while exercising in your swim spa. Join our community of satisfied customers who have experienced the benefits firsthand. Our products not only prioritize your well-being but also offer cost savings compared to chlorine or bromine alternatives. Bid farewell to spa equipment damage, faded bathing suits, and dry skin. Immerse yourself in the pure pleasure of your swim spa, free from chemical odors, and indulge in the clarity and refreshment of pristine water.

Directions for Use

This natural, enzyme based Bio-Oxidizer is all you need to maintain a healthy body of water in your swim spa. No other harsh or toxic chemicals needed! This product also contains metal and mineral control agents which will protect all your swim spa components.

Your Swim Spa’s water should already be balanced, clean and clear before you begin using our products.

Always mix Spa Treatment in 1 gallon of fresh water. Pour the mixture around the perimeter of Swim Spa while running jets for 5 minutes to distribute evenly.
Dosage on bottle based on average size Swim Spa of 1200 – 1500 gallons.

1. Add 1/2 ounce of swim spa treatment to water for the initial dose.

(Dosage on bottle based on average size Swim Spa of 1200 – 1500 gallons.)

2. Every 2 weeks thereafter: Add 1/4 ounce of swim spa treatment to swim spa.

(Reduce of skip dosage if swim spa is not used regularly or not at all during he prior two weeks)

3. Install a Clear Choice Micron Sleeve around each swim spa cartridge filters for best results.

4. Rinse spa filters and Micron Sleeves once a week.

5. Once a month sterilize spa filters and Micron Sleeves with 5 cups of white distilled vinegar
to 5 gallons of water soaking over night or 1/4 cup of bleach to 5 gallons of water for a few hours and rinse thoroughly with fresh water before returning to swim spa.

6. For new users: Maintain a water pH of 7.6 using traditional pH up or down for the first 3 months. After the 3 months, stop adjusting the pH and let the water find it’s own balance.

7. New swim spas or before you do a water change. Add 2 bottles of Spa Prep to water and let circulate for 1 to 5 days before you drain your swim spa.

8. No Hose-Pre-Filter is required for swim spa maintenance.


We’re confident you will love our products. Our 90-Day Customer Satisfaction Guarantee is designed to give you ample opportunity to experience optimal results from our products, completely risk-free.