Directions for use

Hot Tub Directions


Purging and cleaning the spa with Spa Prep
The cleaner your spa is when you start, the easier it is for the enzymes to purify your water and keep it clean
going forward.

1. Remove all spa filters just during the purge time to prevent filters from clogging due to debris coming out of the pipes which could restrict the water flow. If your spa is brand new, you will still need to purge to remove any manufacturing oils or debris and you don’t need to remove filters and you can drain the spa after just 1-2 days.

(If your manual says that removing the filters voids your warranty, then just leave them in and keep an eye on it to prevent any build up that would restrict water flow.)

3. Add Spa Prep to your existing water. If you spa is empty, fill it up with water right out of the hose. Do not use Hose Pre-Filter for this part because you are going to drain it soon.
Add entire bottle of Spa Prep to spa for first time users, large spas, old and dirty spas…
If spa is around 200 gallons and not too dirty, use 1/2 bottle of Spa Prep.
It’s okay to use the spa during this time if the water looks safe and inviting enough.

Spa may foam up, this is normal with some types of water.

Be sure spa is on a maintenance cycle of at least 4 hours a day and run your jets at least 10 minutes per day during this purge time.

4. Leave the Spa Prep in the water for 2 to 7 days depending on how old and dirty your spa is. Ignore the information on the Spa Prep bottle. If spa is brand new, 1 day is enough.

If you want or need to use a cleaning agent, we recommend a mixture of
white distilled vinegar and water, using a ratio of your choice.

After Spa is Purged
1. Drain all the water out of the spa and run a hose into where the filters go to flush out the plumbing. Rinse and clean spa thoroughly.

2. Reinstall either new filters if filters are more than 2 years old or sterile your old filters with a mixture of 5 cups of white distilled vinegar to 5 gallons of water and soak overnight. Or, 1/4 cup of bleach to 5 gallons of water
and soak for about 2 hours.

Installing Micron Sleeves
Simply tie the Micron Sleeve around your main filter. If you have more than one filter, the direst filter is usually the main one. If the strings don’t reach around the filter, add extra string to them. If the Micron Sleeve is too
big, it’s okay to cut it to fit. Only 1 Micron Sleeve is needed per spa though you can use more if you wish.

If the Micron Sleeve interferes with water flow or is too tight to allow water flow, do not use it.

Filling your spa with new water using the Hose Pre -Filter
1. Attach the Hose Pre Filter to any garden hose and let it flush out onto the ground for about 1 minute.
2. If you have hard water, fill the spa up with softened water from the house if available.
3. Place the Hose Pre Filter directly into where the filter screws into and begin to fill. This allows all the
plumbing to become full of water minimizing air bubbles.
4. If the water looks dirty in the spa while filling it up, stop filling scoop out the dirty water and start again.
5. Our Hose Pre Filters are designed to go with our products and are good for 1 to 2 fills and topping off inbetween water changes depending on the quality of water that is being filtered.

Adding Spa Drops to Spas 250 gallons or larger
1. Follow the directions on the bottle.
2. The first dosage is twice the amount than the following weekly dosages of Spa Drops.

Adding Spa Drops to Spas under 250 gallons, Soft Spas and Inflatable Spas
Start off using 1/2 dosage for both the initial dosage and the weekly dosage thereafter. Due to the reduced circulation of water flow and aeration, we suggest complimenting the enzymes by adding small amounts of
MPS (a common non chlorine shock) follow directions on package and start off with 1/2 of what is suggested.

Milky white cloudy water
If, during the first initial dosage of Spa Drops in the first week, the water becomes an obvious milky white
cloudiness (as if someone poured a cup of milk into the water) add another full dose of Spa Drops right away.
This white cloudiness is caused by the water going through molecular changes and is in need of an extra one
time boost. (If in doubt, please contact us before you add any more drops)

Weekly and Monthly Maintenance Schedule
Once a Week: Thoroughly rinse filters and Micron Sleeve and add Spa Drops as directed.
Once a Month: Deep clean filters and Micron Sleeves with either a solution of 5 cups of white distilled vinegar
to 5 gallons of water, soak over night then rinsing thoroughly, or use 1/4 cup of bleach to 5 gallons of water and soak for 2 to 3 hours then rinse thoroughly before reinstalling into the spa.

Water Changes
Can be done every 6 to 12 months depending on your preference, not a necessity like chemical treatments.

6 Month Water Changes going forward. Put 1/2 bottle of the Spa Prep in 1-4 days before you are going to drain the spa. No other products are needed during the pre water change.

Once a Year Deep Purge
To remove any bio-film that naturally occurs in most all hot tubs and water sources. Use 1 bottle of Spa Pre
and MPS (a common non chlorine spa product) following the instructions on the package for shocking. Run
this for 1 to 3 days depending on age and dirtiness of hot tub. MPS levels 30 ppm.


Under-dosing with the Spa Drops
If you detect a sour, gym sock or dirty washcloth smell when you lift the cover of your hot tub you have an under dose and you should immediately add another initial dose of Spa Drops and increase your weekly dosage by 1/3 to 1/2. Wait until this smell is gone before you enter the spa.

Another sign of a beginning under dose is the beginning of an oily scum line forming at the waters edge.

You can also add some MPS to help knock out any remaining bacteria.

Over-dosing with the Spa Drops
Using too many Spa Drops in your spa is the most common error. Everyone’s water is different and spa usage can vary to a large degree. In some cases you need to adjust the dosage accordingly. The more frequent you
use the spa, the more drops you may need. On the other hand, if you are not using the spa for a week or so, you don’t need to add any drops at all. It’s best to start off with the recommended dosage on the bottle.

If you notice a brown gooey substances beginning to develop in the hot tub with a musty smell that doesn’t go away; this is a sign of overdose. Skip a week or two or until water balances and the brown build up
no longer is there, then cut your weekly dosage down by 1/3 going forward.

Adjusting the pH (7.5-8.1 is normal with our products)
Normally, you don’t need to adjust the pH with our system. You can use any standard pH down or white distilled vinegar to lower the pH and baking soda or any pH up to raise it. If you pH is really high, we recommend using a standard pH down rather than vinegar. You will need to experiment to determine how much you may need to use. We suggest adjusting your pH slowly as to not over correct. If you’re not getting the water clarity and quality after the first month, check the pH and adjust accordingly.

Circulation and Filtering
Adequate circulation and filtering in your spa is the most important thing you need in order to enjoy pristine spa water. The water in your spa needs to be moving and passing through your spa’s filter for at least 4 hours a
day. This is a healthy, living body of water and must be oxygenated! We can’t state it enough that adequate movement and filtering is paramount in order for the Clear Choice system (and indeed any spa maintenance
system) to work properly. The circulation and aeration of the water allows the Clear Choice enzymes to adequately break down organic contaminants and ensures that the spa water is oxygenated, thus deterring the growth of pathogenic organisms. Adequate filtration ensures that organic matter is trapped and removed from the water.

Very important to have at least 4 hours of circulation a day to help the enzymes complete the purification process.

Spa Filters
If you have had your spa filters for over two years, it’s time for a new ones. We have had people struggling to maintain clear water, astounded by the difference they see after they have invested in a new filter. If your coming back from an under or over dose, your filters may still contain the smell of the water so be sure and soak the filters in the 1/4 bleach to 5 gallons of water ratio for a few hours and reinstall them to thoroughly clean your filters.

Use a regular garden hose attachment that has a jet spray. A high pressure water nozzle is too hard on the filter fabric. As you spray the filter, try and get into each pleat and remove built up hair and other material.
The Clear Choice system works best with regular white pleated filters. Filters with a very fine weave, like Microban or Sundance Micro Clean filters, may require more frequent cleaning than once a week.

Do not use any special filter cleaning agents on the market for this process.

These are completely natural organic products. Sometimes it may take a few weeks to a month for the water to go through the necessary molecular changes before you get the clear conditions you can expect from using
our products.

Leaving home for Vacation:
We advise turning down your spa’s temperature to the minimum setting and reducing the spa’s filtration time to two hours per day. Add one full week’s dose of Spa Drops, and ensure that your spa’s cover is securely locked
down. Your spa will be ready to use upon your return no matter what length of time you are away.

Ozonators, UV Lighting, Mineral Sticks
Clear Choice products are compatible with these additions to your spa though not necessary for our products to work correctly and effectively. You may need to adjust your Spa Drop dosage since these are doing part of
the work.

Compatibility with other Products
Clear Choice products are compatible with just about everything except Baqua Spa products. All other products should be added after the initial set up and the water has stabilized.

Add any additional products
Slowly to see how they affect your particular water once your spa water has found it’s balance with the Spa Drops and everything is running smoothly.

Light Musty Odor
This is normal for new customers during the first to fourth week as the natural spa water sets up. During that time odor (trapped Co2 gas) should only be noticeable when you first open your spa cover and release the
steam. This could also be the beginning of an overdose of Spa Drops. If you suspect an over dose skip a week of Spa Drops and see if the musty smell diminishes. If it does, lower your weekly Spa Drops by at least 1/3 going forward.

Green or Brownish Tint
This can be due to a number of factors. Phosphates in your source water will create a green tint which is harmless and should disappear with time. Metals like copper or nickel oxidizing in the water can turn slightly
green. Iron oxidizing will result in a brownish tint.

Algae growing in your spa can also cause a greenish tint. This is mainly due your spa water being exposed to excess sunlight, which occurs if you are not covering the spa with a lid. If you suspect this is the case make sure that you cover the spa at all times when not in use and treat the water with a shock dose of chlorine to 5ppm. Refrain from using the spa until the chlorine level is 2ppm or less. The chlorine shock will not interfere with the Clear Choice system.
You can also bleach out your water with a chlorine shock to get the desired effects. Just follow the directions on whatever shock product you are using.

White or Brown Floating Flakes
Brown flakes in the water are a non-toxic buildup from the spa’s plumbing that has been loosened by the enzymes in Clear Choice. Your spa!s filter will eventually remove these flakes from the water. You should hose
out your filter more often until the flakes are gone.

Another great way to get the flakes out of your water is to put a women’s nylon bootie over the spa’s intake
grills located about ankle height in the spa foot well. (Noticeable suction when pumps are running) This will collect the flakes which can be removed by rinsing the nylon booties often.

Cloudy Water
When first starting with Clear Choice, occasionally for a one to three week period, when water is softening and changing molecularity you could see some cloudiness. Try to be patient as the water goes through these

Cloudy spa water can also be due to heavy use. With enough time your spa water will return to its original state.  To speed things up a little, give your spa filter a good cleaning, and then run the spa pump for 5 -6 hours.

If the water is really cloudy, you may need to hose out your filter a couple of times during this process.

If the water is still cloudy, you may need to treat it with some chlorine, 12-35% hydrogen peroxide or nonchlorine shock like MPS to more quickly break down organic matter. The shock dose will dissipate from your spa water fairly rapidly; so don!t worry if you occasionally need to resort to a shock.

Cloudy water beginning to appear past the first couple of weeks could be a sign of overdose.  Skip a week or two of adding Spa Drops and if this fixes the problem reduce your weekly dosage of Spa Drops by 1/3.

Slippery sides to your Soft Tub or Spa
This is a temporary issue due to the enzymes breaking down the manufacture’s coating on the vinyl or an overdose of Spa Drops (refer to overdose section). (Not to worry, our enzymes will considerably extend the life of your vinyl!). The slipperiness will dissipate with time either from the enzymes breaking down this coating or the lowering of your dosage.

If you notice a brown gooey build up or strong musty smell then it is an overdose issue.

Foamy Water
Foamy water is always caused by detergents being introduced into the water from bathing suits, etc… There is nothing in the Spa Drops that will cause foaming. Best to let it dissipate than add de-foaming products if you can rather than adding any other anti foaming agents. Spa Prep can cause foam at times!

Rough Surface Deposits
Sometimes soft or hard deposits will form on the spa shell. This can be a result of some final chlorine or bromine salt deposits being flushed from your spa’s plumbing or extra calcium in the water. Normally, these deposits will break down and disappear within two weeks. If deposits remain, reduce your pH levels to 7-7.2 and rinse your filters more frequently until the problem is resolved. Once the issue disappears, you can allow the pH to rise back up to 7.8 on its own.

White Flakes
This is mineral build up in the system. Try lowering your pH to 7-7.2 till they are gone then allow the pH to rise again on its own. You may also want to shock the water with chlorine or MPS.

Adding other products to your spa
If you want to add mineral salts or other health supportive ingredients to you spa water, it’s best to wait for 4 to 6 weeks for your spa water to balance out with the enzymes then proceed to add any new products to the water slowly gauging how the spa water reacts and then adjust accordingly. We prefer to use just a drop of your favorite essential oils per use rather than loading the spa water up with a large supply of any scented product.

Skipping Steps
If you’re having issues and you skipped some of our outlined steps, please back up and start again using our tried and true process for a happy, clean hot tub experience.

My spa is already filled with fresh water, do I need to drain it again for the purge?
If you’re adamant about not wasting water by doing the purge, we recommend that you proceed with the Spa Drops and see what happens. If you run into problems, you will need to backtrack by adding the bottle of Spa
Prep to your existing water, then draining it after so many days that are needed and refill with the Hose Pre-Filter before you begin adding Spa Drops.

If you Spa is brand new  We highly recommend flushing it out for
one or two days with the Spa Prep then draining and starting fresh due to unknown substances that may still be in the lines from manufacturing or storage of your spa.

Is Clear Choice Safe?
Most of our customers are looking for an alternative to the harsh chemicals of chlorine and bromine. Exposure to these chemicals can cause skin rashes, red eyes, dried-out skin, respiratory irritation, and other health problems due to their corrosive and toxic nature. Many of our customers are chemically sensitive or dealing with serious health issues that make soaking in a chemical hot tub disastrous for their health.

Clear Choice is not a sanitizer; it does not kill “all” organic matter indiscriminately like chlorine and bromine.
Our products work as Mother Natures does. Our perfectly safe, natural enzymes break down the organic matter so rapidly that the food chain for bad bacteria is removed. Circulation and oxidation (through aeration)
completes the process.

Our products are a “Water Purification System” not a sanitizer. Your skin will be softer, feel nourished and your immune system will not be compromised. Our most sensitive and health-challenged customers love our products and are happy to be able to enjoy their hot tubs, swim spas and pools again!

If you have concerns about not using a sanitizer, please complement our products with MPS or 12% – 35% hydrogen peroxide, or anything else you!d like except the Baqua Spa products. You will want to experiment with dosages for your particular situation, water type and usage.

Heavy bather load or difficult water conditions
Occasionally, some customers have heavy bather usage or difficult water conditions making it challenging for the enzymes to keep up in providing you with the water clarity you should expect. It is okay to compliment our
products with small dosages of shock treatment. Whether it is chlorine or non chlorine products such as MPS or using 12%-35% strength Hydrogen Peroxide . Start off by using 1/2 what is recommended on the bottle with whatever you are using then experiment with dosages. Allowing our enzymes to do most of the work, even when a little extra help is needed, is a positive and healthful alternative to returning to a total chemical approach.

MPS and 12% through 35% Hydrogen Peroxide is a great shocking agent. Add as directed on the bottle. If you use Peroxide along with our products, you may need to reduce that amount of your weekly Spa Drops since the Peroxide is now doing some of the work.

If there is ever a question regarding the healthiness of the water, please shock it with any non chlorine shock like MPS or Hydrogen Peroxide and once the levels of the shock have dropped, continue on with the Spa Drops

Pool Directions

With Clear Choice Natural Swimming Pool Treatment, you cut out all of your opening and closing chemicals. If you are taking care of your water the way traditionalists say to, you should be using a metal sequestering agent, algicide, and chlorine when you open your pool and when you close it. During the season if you use chemicals only, it is recommended that you maintain a level of chlorine of 1.5-3ppm (parts per million).

By adding our Clear Choice Treatment with its special blend of enzymes, bio-oxidizers and surfactants to your pool, you only need to maintain a level of .5 ppm chlorine. About the same amount of chlorine in city tap water. This is a BIG SAVINGS!

Aside from the cost savings, you will now be swimming in water that is as close to nature as we can get it in a swimming pool. Your pool walls, equipment, skin, eyes, hair, and bathing suit will all thank you for the decrease in chemicals.

Our enzymes are safe for your family & pets, your wallet and the environment. You can backwash your filter or drain the water right onto the lawn or other vegetation without any harm.

How do you start?
Be sure you are starting off with a clear, clean balanced body of water regarding your pH, alkalinity and water hardness before you start using this product.

Have your chlorine levels at around .5ppm (usually around 1/4 of what pool manufacture recommends) or you can use 30-50ppm of hydrogen peroxide (starting off with 30ppm) and maintain these levels during the whole season.

You will want to keep an eye on the pH, alkalinity and water hardness levels of your water on a weekly basis.

Mix Pool Treatment measured dosage with one gallon of pool water in bucket and treat water evenly around the pool perimeter with the mixture.

1st and 2nd Week Add 2 ounces per 10,000 gallons of water, 3rd Week Skip!
Then add 1 ounce per 10,000 gallons every other week during the peak season,
(week 4, 6, 8, etc…).

Closing the Pool
When getting ready to close your pool, add 2 ounces per 10,000 gallons each week for the last two
weeks, and then close the pool.

How many gallons is my pool?
Measure Length X Width X Depth X 7.5 to determine how many gallons your pool holds.

Our Pool Treatment will remove any organic, metal, mineral or chemical build-up from the pool surfaces and plumbing during the first month of use. Frequent filter cleaning and/or backwashing may be required during this time. Monitor your pool’s filtration system closely for the first month.
The Pool Treatment product also contains a broad-spectrum enzyme package that will bio-oxidize all organics introduced into the pool by swimmers and weather.

Clear Choice Pool Treatment also contains a special active ingredient that replaces any and all products for controlling scale, corrosion and mineral deposits in your pool water. No other water clarifiers needed.

Clear Choice Natural Swimming Pool Treatment simply takes over the expensive and incomplete job of oxidation (shocking) performed by chlorine. Chlorine is used as an oxidizer (shock) and as a sanitizer in swimming pool maintenance. Around 80% of chlorine added to swimming pools is used up for oxidation (chemically burning up contaminates). Chlorine is a very poor oxidizer; it leaves behind byproducts that then combine and form chloramines. Chloramines are ineffective sanitizers and/or
oxidizers. They cause the strong chlorine smell we are all familiar with, they are toxic, hard on pool equipment and surfaces, plus they irritate your eyes and skin. These large doses of chlorine also effect water balance, forcing you to spend more time and money on water balancing chemicals to correct the pH, etc. A lot of chlorine is also wasted because higher water temperatures and sunlight burn it up.

Our Natural Pool Treatment enzymes bio-oxidize pool water contaminates completely, leaving only simple salts, water and Co2 which off gases. In turn only a very small amount of chlorine is needed to maintain a free chlorine level of .5ppm, instead of the traditional 1.5 – 3.0ppm

Swim Spa Directions

This natural, enzyme based Bio-Oxidizer is all you need to maintain a healthy body of water in your  swim spa. No other harsh or toxic chemicals needed!

This product also contains metal and mineral  control agents which will protect all your swim spa components.

An 8oz. bottle treats an average Swim Spa (2000 – 3000 gallons) for one year.

Always store in a cool dark place away from children and pets.

Ingredients derived from plants & minerals.

Directions for Use
Your Swim Spa’s water should already be balanced, clean and clear before you begin using our products.

Always mix Spa Treatment in 1 gallon of fresh water. Pour the mixture around the perimeter of Swim Spa while running jets for 5 minutes to distribute evenly.

Dosage on bottle based on average size Swim Spa of 1200 – 1500 gallons.

1. Add 1/2 ounce of swim spa treatment to water for the initial dose.
(Dosage on bottle based on average size Swim Spa of 1200 – 1500 gallons.)

2. Every 2 weeks thereafter: Add 1/4 ounce of swim spa treatment to swim spa.

(Reduce of skip dosage if swim spa is not used regularly or not at all during he prior two weeks)

3. Install a Clear Choice Micron Sleeve around each swim spa cartridge filters for best results.

4. Rinse spa filters and Micron Sleeves once a week.

5. Once a month deep clean spa filters and Micron Sleeves with 5 cups of white distilled vinegar to 5 gallons of water soaking over night or 1/4 cup of bleach to 5 gallons of water for a few hours and  rinse thoroughly with fresh water before returning to swim spa.

6. For new users: Maintain a water pH of 7.6 using traditional pH up or down for the first 3 months.
After the 3 months, stop adjusting the pH and let the water find it’s own balance.

7. New swim spas or before you do a water change. Add 2 bottles of Spa Prep to water and let circulate for 1 to 5 days before you drain your swim spa.

8. No Hose-Pre-Filter is required for swim spa maintenance.