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Natural Hot Tub Treatment Kit with Micron Sleeve

Everything you need for 12 to 18 Months

Start up kit includes:

  • Spa Drops 4oz. 2 Year Supply!
  • Spa Prep 4oz. 1 – 2 water changes
  • Hose Pre-filter 1 – 2 hot tub fills
  • Micron Sleeve 1 – 2 years of use

Only $154.95

That’s less than $10 per month on average to maintain your hot tub naturally and chemical free! Cost Less than using Chemicals!

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Clear Choice

Hot Tub Cleaner – Hot Tub Care Products

Healthy Hot Tubs – Healthy You!

Experience the bliss of a natural hot tub for a healthier you! In our modern world, where toxins surround us, finding ways to minimize chemical exposure is crucial. Your hot tub shouldn’t be an exception. If you adore your hot tub but detest the overpowering scent of chlorine gas, particularly when the jets are activated, it’s time to delve into a chlorine-free alternative. Discover the wonders of Clear Choice Products, featuring a range of enzyme-based products designed to cleanse your hot tub naturally.

Healthy Hot Tub – Healthy Family

Experience the serene embrace of Clear Choice Spa Products for a truly natural hot tub experience. Our chlorine-free solutions offer tranquility and gentle care for your skin, free from chemical residue or odor. Say goodbye to the harsh effects of chlorine and bromine, protecting your senses, bathing suits, and equipment. Your skin deserves the best, free from the dryness and itchiness caused by chlorinated water. Discover the manifold benefits of our natural hot tub maintenance products: a healthier environment, cost-effectiveness, and user-friendly maintenance. Join our satisfied customers on a journey towards a harmonious sanctuary of well-being and relaxation.

Natural Hot Tub – No Chemicals!

Embrace the purity of a chemical-free, natural hot tub experience! Unlike so-called “natural” hot tub chemicals, Clear Choice Spa understands that true natural solutions do not involve chemicals. Our product is free from chemicals and instead utilizes the power of enzymes to clean and maintain your hot tub. Join the growing trend of consumers who are opting for natural enzyme-based products to clean various areas of their lives, including kitchens, bathrooms, and laundry. By using a hot tub enzyme to cleanse your soaking water, not only are you prioritizing your well-being, but you’re also extending the lifespan of your hot tub equipment. Choose the genuine natural approach with Clear Choice Products.

Clear Choice

100% Chemical Free Natural Hot Tub Treatment – Cost Effective and Healthy

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We’re confident you will love our products. Our 90-Day Customer Satisfaction Guarantee is designed to give you ample opportunity to experience optimal results from our products, completely risk-free.


Clear Choice Spa Drops 4oz

2 Year Supply

This is a highly concentrated formula of natural surfactants, which break down organic waste, along with a blend of special coenzymes that accelerate natural bio-oxidation and self-purification processes in your spa water. Safe and natural spa and hot tub cleaner.

Only $64.95

Clear Choice Spa Prep 4 oz

This preparatory solution is added to the existing water in your spa and left in for 1 to 5 days depending on age and how dirty spa is. This thoroughly cleans out the spa and plumbing system to remove unwanted chemicals, metal, and mineral buildup. Good for 2 water changes for small spas and those already using our products.  For new users or large spas good for 1 water change.   (Okay to use spa during this process)

Only $21.95

Clear Choice Hose Pre-Filter

The Clear Choice Hose Pre-filter is specially designed to work with our products.  It attaches to your garden hose and filters out unwanted metals and minerals when filling your spa. Good for 2 spa fills and topping off for small spas and 1 spa fill and topping off for large spas between water changes.

Only $59.95

Clear Choice Micron Sleeve

To enhance your filtration system, this fine micron sleeve attaches to your existing pleated filter. Even if you have more than one filter it is advisable to cover at least one of them and does not need to cover the entire filter to work efficiently. Easy to clean and maintain.

This Micron Sleeve is good for approx. 1 – 2 years of use.  (Spa filter not included)

Only $14.95


Example of how the Micron Sleevewraps around your existing filter.