My name is Eva Lange M.D. and I have forty years of practice in the medical profession. I also hold a Ph.D. degree in biochemistry (medical science) and have spent over fifteen years in bench research in addition to medical practice. I am an Endocrinologist, trained at the University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, where I also worked in Endocrine / bone research field. I have also worked at Temple University and Thomas Jefferson Universities in Philadelphia where I completed my second residency training in Internal Medicine, my first residency originating in Europe. At those two universities I also continued my work in research on a grant rewarded to me by National Institute of Health.

Many years of hospital and outpatient clinic experience have taught me the dangers of Endocrine disrupting chemicals so ubiquitous in today’s environment. Our technology driven culture has been introducing more and more chemicals into our lives e.g. oil derived plastics and polycarbonates. They ooze estrogen mimicking substances that disrupt hormonal balance in the bodies of humans and animals bringing host of diseases.

Years of work in medical research laboratory with “heavy duty” chemical and radioactive substances caused development of my multiple allergies. I also developed a bone marrow insufficiency, fortunately transient, because I stopped working in the bench research lab. With those experiences came a conviction of using only naturally occurring substances and avoidance of chemicals in my environment.

Therefore when I was installing a swim spa for rehab of my broken hip, from a mountain bike accident, I was committed to use NO chemicals. I first tried a commercial UV lamp installed in my pool system and also used a Hydrogen Peroxide drip. H202 does not leave any chemical residue after breaking down to water and free oxygen. However, it was not sufficiently cleaning the pool water.

I was lucky to find John Warberg’s Company on the Internet in 2004 and that started the very successful story of my pool’s cleaning as well as the PURE JOY OF ITS USE. I also have a water treatment system for the whole house so the water going to my pool is of drinking quality. Since the use of this enzyme system requires no extensive water testing, I stopped my laborious procedures of testing the pool water. Once in a while I check the pH and invariably see it in the range of 7.45 to 7.6, the same as of my drinking water. Water in my pool is crystal clear, fresh smelling, and with minimal simple salts formation (slick feeling) it is easily taken care of.

I use about an ounce of Clear Choice’s solution per 3- 4 weeks depending on frequency of swimming and number of persons. I don’t need to use additional cleaning products for the pool’s plumbing system for it’s kept clean at all times. I use NO other chemicals. My indoor swim spa is an Endless Pools brand with 3,000 gallons water volume; dimensions are 7 x 14 feet with two levels of depth at 4 and 5 feet.

My pool’s service man at first was reluctant to use the new to him system, He had a pile of chemicals from his store’s shelves and didn’t wish to waste them. I also believe that his consciousness wasn’t ready to accept a system so far away from mainstream pool treatment philosophy. What brought his change of mind were: seeing the effects of my natural healing methods applied to him as well as of the permanently “clear condition” of the pool water. One day he surprised me, bringing over his new customer, a young chiropractor to see my pool. The chiropractor planned to build a rehab pool in his office and wished to use the system I was using. The on-site visit and review of all the conditions of the system I used brought him to the decision of implementing that very system into his rehab pool.

In closing remarks I have to state that my level of satisfaction with Clear Choice’s water cleaning system reaches well beyond “the cleaning efficiency” aspect of it. It embraces the consciousness of MOTHER NATURE’S cleaning strategies. This is what is used in all healthy bodies of water. Naturally occurring, life giving, healthy bacteria and their enzymes digest all organic matter residues in the water of lakes, streams, ponds, rivers and oceans to keep them clean. It’s only human’s “wasting behavior’ that pollutes them!

I was lucky to find the Clear Choice products on the internet in 2004 and

started a very successful experience of cleaning my swim spa as well as the


I stopped the laborious procedures of all the testing that went along with traditional chemicals and find the water in my swim spa to be crystal clear, fresh smelling.

I have to state that my level of satisfaction with Clear Choice’s water system reaches well beyond “the cleaning efficiency”. It embraces the consciousness of Mother Nature’s cleaning strategies.